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Scand. Design OnLine AB,, wants you to know how we handle the personal information you share with us when you visit our website. Below, you will find a detailed account of our business. If you have any questions, contact We assemble information according to regulations defined by the Swedish Data Inspection Board. Scand. Design OnLine AB is responsible for how personal information is handled. If you have any further questions, contact the Swedish Data Inspection Board at When you make a purchase at we need to know your name, address, E-mail and telephone number. When you complete your purchase, you have the opportunity to sign up for our free newsletters and other information from us by E-mail. Your E-mail address is never to be sold or given away to any third party outside Scand. Design OnLine AB and its partners that take part in handling your order.


The information you submit to will be handled with utmost care and respect. Scand. Design OnLine AB will only use the personal information when we are handling orders, during shipments and deliveries, for secure payment and, in some cases, for custom declaration. Scand. Design OnLine AB has and follows an internal policy of security, specially designed for the company. We use cipher code in our work with the Internet and we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL), all in purpose to secure the personal information given when a purchase is made. Information about credit cards will be handled only by a financial institution in a totally secure connection. All personal information concerning payments will be deleted when a purchase is completed. Scand. Design OnLine AB has a Digital Security Certificate published by VeriSign Inc. Matters concerning our security systems are continually evaluated by experts.


Scand. Design OnLine AB is using a technique called cookies. The cookie is a series of text sent into your browser when you visit a website. Next time you visit the website, the browser will send back the series of text, and it will be possible to register how many visits are made from a special computer. The website can, by this technique, measure the amount of visits and see how long the visitor stays, and the visitor doesn’t need to write the same information more than once. This technique is used by most websites, e.g. banks. The cookie will not contain any personal information and cannot be traced to a specific person. If you don’t want the cookie technique to work, you can change your browser not to receive cookies. In the Internet Explorer you will find more information in the menu “Tools”. If you chose not to receive cookies, Scand. Design OnLine AB can not guarantee that the website will be correct.

Changes in Privacy Policies

Any changes in the Privacy Policies of Scand. Design OnLine AB will be clear and able to take part of at See “Privacy Policies”.

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