Track &Trace

Track your order!

When your order is shipped from our warehouse you will get a delivery notification with your tracking number, by e-mail. The tracking number can be used to track your order with DHL at

Note that your delivery will be shipped to DHL’s parcel center in Germany and from there will be transported to the destination country. In the destination country the delivery is handed over to the local delivery organization.

When your delivery is on its way from the parcel center in Germany to the destination country it might be difficult to track your order, the tracking information will be updated as soon as the delivery gets registered. For deliveries outside of Europe it might take up to 5-7 workingdays before your order gets registered in the destination country.

The total delivery time to countries far from Scandinavia, like for example Australia and New Zealand, might be up to 9-11 workingdays.

Read more about delivery time to different countries here.>>.