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Scandinavian Design Center has grown every year since 2002 when we started. We are hiring staff on a regularly basis in order to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Basically we are looking for experienced people with a high drive, young or old, and with different backgrounds. We assume you have working experience from an international environment, e.g. within an international e-commerce company or for a newspaper. Your position today may contain the areas of SEO/SEM, journalist or similar.

At Scandinavian Design Center we work in the following areas:
Customer Service
Logistics & Warehouse
Assortment & Purchase
Marketing & Communication

If you are interested you may write to Please use the words Job enquiry in the subject line.

Right now we are looking for:

Norwegian Web Editor - Read more here.

German Customer Service Representative - Read more here.

Working at Scandinavian Design Center

Meet Pearl Safari – Intern at Scandinavian Design Center.

Upon commencing my junior year in Sydney, I was interested in an internship that would  better my experience in my field of study – International Business. I chose Scandinavian  Design Center since it matched my career goals. I’m keen in working for an organization that  undertakes global operational activities. Having spent 15 weeks here, I have worked with  people of different nationalities in a vibrant work setting. 

I was taken under the wing of my mentor, Annika with whom I closely worked with on the  English site. I was mostly impressed with the amount of responsibility given to me within a short period. At the company, I was encouraged and supported to develop my own  Marketing events. Observing what professionals do helped in gaining new insights about the  field. During this journey, I also had a chance to develop my analytical and interpersonal  skills. 

The internship was not only professional but also a human experience. The hierarchy was  very flat, something I experienced for the first time. I would always look forward to the fika  and lunch breaks with my colleagues. From time to time, we had after-work activities such as  dinners and barbeques, which were always filled with laughter. 
I have nothing but praise for all my colleagues, who helped shape this fantastic experience  here. The internship was relevant to my studies and has been nothing short of a practical  and enriching process. It is something that will be very useful in my future career – which will  hopefully continue in Sweden once I graduate.