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Viljo and Armi Ratia started the Finnish textile Company Marimekko in 1951. Marimekko is well known for its printed cotton textiles in beautiful patterns and colors, such as Hetkiä, Kaiku and Unikko. Now you can also find the beautiful prints on shower curtains, oilcloths, bags, bed linen, porcelain and much more. Several well-known Finnish designers have worked for Marimekko; Maija Isola and Fujiwo Ishimoto are amongst the most famous.
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  • Bottna fabric
    black-white $52
  • Lintukoto fabric
    white-black-yellow $56
  • Kuusikossa fabric
    white-green $52
  • Räsymatto plate 20 cm, 6-pack
    black-white (small... Sale $100
    (Reg. $157)
  • Tiara fabric
    beige-orange-blue $52
  • Mini-Unikko umbrella
    white-black-olive $50
Showing 316 - 336 of 352