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Nina Jobs


Nina Jobs Picture: Nina Jobs Nina Jobs is an Swedish Industriell Designer, living in Stockholm but working both in Sweden and in Asia.
The latest years Nina Jobs has been, commissioned by the Swedish Government, marketing Swedish design in Asia.

Nina Jobs is working with, e g, Ikea of Sweden, H&M Sweden,
Design House Stockholm, Museum of Modern Art New York, Indiska Magasinet in Sweden, Asplund Stockholm, Sweden, Abstracta Sweden, Simplicitas AB in Sweden, E&Y Gallery Tokyo, Collex Tokyo, Askul Japan, Gärsnäs in Sweden and for the company David Design Sweden. Exhibitions since 2003

BREAK Swedish Design Exhibiton Stockholm Furniture Fair
4Stories Swedish Design Exhibition Jamjuree Art Gallery Bangkok Thailand
Palazzo Isimbardi, 5Xsvecia Milan Furniture Fair Italy
4Stories Swedish Design Exhibition Singapore Art Museum
Stockholm Furniture Fair. Exhibition design Gärsnäs AB, Klaessons AB
The Museum of Women in Art Washington DC, Nordic Cool
Tokyo Style stockholm, Cross over
Nina’s Market Collex Living Tokyo
Swedish Style Sidney/Melbourne Australia

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