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Atelje Lyktan

Atelje Lyktan

Ateljé Lyktan is a lighting brand with a deep rooted history, bringing light to homes around the world. Buy your original Bumling from 1968 here!
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  • Simris floor lamp white
    white Sale £372
    (Reg. £413)
  • Bumling lamp 400 mm
    grey Sale £407
    (Reg. £452)
    In stock
  • Ogle pendant white
    white Sale £223
    (Reg. £248)
  • Bumling spare parts
    replacement screw Sale £6
    (Reg. £7)
    In stock
  • Plug Lamp
    black Sale £160
    (Reg. £178)
    In stock
  • Bumling lamp large 600 mm
    white Sale £618
    (Reg. £687)
    In stock
  • Ogle pendant black
    black Sale £181
    (Reg. £201)
    In stock
  • Bumling lamp 2015
    transparent Sale £469
    (Reg. £522)
    In stock
  • Asplund pendant
    white Sale £733
    (Reg. £815)
  • Cobbler ceiling lamp
    champagne (brass) Sale £137
    (Reg. £152)
    In stock
  • Simris table lamp
    white Sale £264
    (Reg. £294)
    In stock
  • Faggio table lamp mini
    silver Sale £301
    (Reg. £335)
    In stock
  • Spare glass for Plug Lamp
    spare glass £109
    In stock
  • Ofir votive
    aluminum Sale £48
    (Reg. £54)
  • Stockholm 370 outdoor lamp
    Stockholm 370 Sale £468
    (Reg. £520)
  • Buzz pendant
    black Sale £228
    (Reg. £254)
  • Buzz table lamp
    white Sale £310
    (Reg. £344)
    In stock
  • Hi-Hat ceiling lamp dimmable
    Ø 38.5 cm Sale £360
    (Reg. £400)
  • Simris floor lamp black
    black Sale £387
    (Reg. £430)
    In stock
  • Bumling lamp 400 mm
    white Sale £390
    (Reg. £434)
    In stock
  • Bumling spare parts
    circular grid 190 mm Sale £29
    (Reg. £32)
    In stock
Showing 1 - 21 of 41
Atelje Lyktan
Ateljé Lyktan produces exclusive lighting in collaboration with Scandinavia’s leading designers. With the use of modern techniques and effective energy solutions, Ateljé Lyktan contributes to a better environment – both for the consumers and the world we live in.

Ateljé Lyktan is a lighting manufacturer with a deeply rooted history that goes back to the 1930s. The original business idea came about in Copenhagen when the newly graduated artist Hans Bergstöm and his fiancée Verna Norell both decided to start their own businesses. He wanted to produce lighting and she was to produce woven rugs.

In the 1960's the designer Anders Pehrson took over the business. His sense for business and eye for design were two of the leading factors in the brand’s success. It was Pehrson that gave the brand the slightly industrial feel and pushed the production to larger scales. It was also him who, in 1968, designed what was to become the brand’s most defining product; the Bumling lamp.