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Bsweden stands for clean, Scandinavian design and exceptional quality. All lamps are made in Småland, in the south of Sweden.
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  • Cymbal pendant
    copper 46 cm Sale £419
    (Reg. £465)
    In stock
  • Clover plafond 40
    white Sale £264
    (Reg. £293)
    In stock
  • Fling red lamp
    Ø 33 cm Sale £88
    (Reg. £98)
    In stock
  • Cymbal table lamp
    brass Sale £505
    (Reg. £562)
  • Alex advent electric candle arch...
    white Sale £139
    (Reg. £196)
    In stock
  • Soho lamp
    opal glass Sale £197
    (Reg. £219)
  • Clover plafond 20
    blue Sale £58
    (Reg. £117)
    In stock
  • Alex advent electric candle arch...
    white Sale £122
    (Reg. £164)
    In stock
  • Peg table lamp
    large Sale £78
    (Reg. £156)
    In stock
  • Fling blue lamp
    Ø 50 cm Sale £90
    (Reg. £180)
    In stock
  • Siluett small lamp
    green neon Sale £171
    (Reg. £343)
    In stock
  • Clover pendant 20
    white Sale £65
    (Reg. £130)
    In stock
  • Manhattan lamp clear
    23 cm clear Sale £92
    (Reg. £184)
    In stock
  • Glasgow white table lamp
    white Sale £155
    (Reg. £172)
  • Manhattan lamp frosted band
    23 cm frosted band Sale £166
    (Reg. £184)
    In stock
  • Gladys plafond 32
    white Ø 320 mm Sale £315
    (Reg. £350)
    In stock
  • Clover plafond 12
    white Sale £291
    (Reg. £324)
    In stock
  • Manhattan lamp striped
    smoked glass 35 cm Sale £161
    (Reg. £323)
    In stock
  • Leaf birch lamp
    birch Sale £420
    (Reg. £467)
  • Stella corner lamp Jamaica
    white-black Sale £184
    (Reg. £204)
  • Glasgow black table lamp
    black Sale £155
    (Reg. £172)
Showing 1 - 21 of 75
BSweden produces exclusive lamps with a stylish, modern look. Over the years, these lamps have travelled far and wide from the small Småland factory and out into the world, winning several prestigious awards along the way.

Lighting company, Bsweden was founded in 1993 by Gunnel Svensson who grew up among the furniture, design and quality mindset of her father, who was the driving force behind a traditional furniture store. With this in mind, Bsweden has continued to develop several trendsetting lamps, which have since became modern classics, including the Advent star Fling and the pendant lamp Manhattan.

The lamps are produced in collaboration with famous Scandinavian designers including Jonas Wagell, Helena Svensson, David Taylor, and are manufactured in a factory in the middle of the deep forests of Småland, Sweden. By doing so, Bsweden guarantees the craftsmanship and quality of the extraordinary.