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Globen Lighting

Globen Lighting

With an eye for creativity, uniqueness and trends, Globen Lighting brings light to every room of the house.
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  • Diamond pendant
    brass Sale £135
    (Reg. £150)
    In stock
  • Diamond floor lamp
    brass Sale £97
    (Reg. £195)
    In stock
  • Marble table lamp
    white Sale £62
    (Reg. £69)
    In stock
  • Ritz pendant
    smoke (grey) Sale £78
    (Reg. £87)
    In stock
  • Hangover lamp and mirror
    brass-brown leather Sale £145
    (Reg. £162)
    In stock
  • Diamond ceiling lamp
    copper Sale £129
    (Reg. £143)
    In stock
  • Marble XL table lamp
    white Sale £58
    (Reg. £73)
    In stock
  • Wagner table lamp
    natural Sale £83
    (Reg. £104)
    In stock
  • Saint mini wall- or table lamp
    chrome Sale £85
    (Reg. £106)
    In stock
  • Cube table lamp
    brass Sale £65
    (Reg. £73)
    In stock
  • Grace ceiling lamp
    chrome Sale £95
    (Reg. £119)
    In stock
  • Ballooon wall lamp
    grey-ash Sale £77
    (Reg. £86)
    In stock
  • Shelfie wall lamp
    white Sale £103
    (Reg. £115)
  • Wally wall lamp
    black Sale £117
    (Reg. £129)
  • Ceiling cube
    black Sale £141
    (Reg. £156)
  • Spring ceiling lamp
    Sale £136
    (Reg. £151)
  • Butler table lamp
    white Sale £132
    (Reg. £147)
  • Astoria wall lamp
    brass Sale £142
    (Reg. £158)
  • Sarah table lamp
    white-chrome Sale £135
    (Reg. £150)
  • Savoy table lamp
    brass Sale £81
    (Reg. £90)
    In stock
  • Pallas ceiling lamp
    clear-black Sale £547
    (Reg. £608)
    In stock
Showing 1 - 21 of 118
Globen Lighting
In our assortment of Globen Lighting interior you will find unique lighting for every room of the house, including table lamps, wall lamps and pendants. If you’re looking for contemporary styles and the latest trends, you’ve come to the right place. Globen Lighting continually manages to stay at the forefront of all things modern and upcoming.

The Swedish family business was founded in 1984 by Anders Hall. With over 30 years of experience in the lighting business, Globen Lighting has gone from a small business run by a few heads only to a leading lighting manufacturer in Europe.

Globen Lighting’s vision is to combine functionality, aesthetic and joy for life. For Globen Lighting, the term “design” is more than a superficial term to describe the exterior look of a product. It is a way to enrich people’s lives. This is why Globen Lighting has created a broad assortment of lamps for all lifestyles and interior styles.