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House Doctor – for a healthy home! Find the right remedy for your home with modern Danish interior design. Enjoy with caution: House Doctor products are addictive!
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  • House Doctor laundry bag stripes
    black-white Sale £11
    (Reg. £12)
    In stock
  • Block rug
    60x90 cm Sale £22
    (Reg. £29)
    In stock
  • DIY pendant
    12 glass balls Now £83
    (Reg. £104)
    In stock
  • Clock Couture wall clock
    rose gold-white £46
    In stock
  • Molecular pendant
    5 light sources Sale £165
    (Reg. £203)
    In stock
  • Spring rug
    70x240 cm Sale £54
    (Reg. £60)
    In stock
  • Riba rug
    90x200 cm Sale £103
    (Reg. £115)
    In stock
  • Dreams mobile
    brass Sale £56
    (Reg. £63)
    In stock
  • Rustic plate
    27.5 cm Sale £9
    (Reg. £10)
  • Mush table lamp
    clear-brass Sale £69
    (Reg. £81)
    In stock
  • Plant watering can
    black £26
    In stock
  • Aston pendant
    brass Sale £48
    (Reg. £54)
    In stock
  • Matter mobile
    blue Sale £26
    (Reg. £29)
  • Club wall lamp
    single arm Sale £109
    (Reg. £125)
  • Cement toilet brush
    concrete Sale £25
    (Reg. £27)
  • House Doctor cutlery gold
    table knife Sale £6
    (Reg. £7)
    In stock
  • Circles vase 19 cm
    emerald green Sale £12
    (Reg. £13)
    In stock
  • Eve matta
    60x90 cm Sale £23
    (Reg. £26)
    In stock
  • Ledge shelf
    brass Sale £16
    (Reg. £18)
    In stock
  • Club table lamp
    black-brass Sale £129
    (Reg. £143)
    In stock
  • Swing wall lamp brass
    small, 35 cm Sale £150
    (Reg. £167)
Showing 1 - 21 of 252
House Doctor
House Doctor describes itself as provocative, personal and informal. House Doctor believes it is more fun to mix than it is to match, and strives towards designing products that allow their patients to create unique, personalised homes.

House Doctor is a family business, founded by the siblings Rikke Juhl Jensen, Gutta Juhl Capel and Klaus Juhl Pedersen in 2001. Starting out small, the Denmark-based brand has risen to be one of Denmark’s most popular brands for contemporary home interior.

Today House Doctor employs over 50 “doctors” at their headquarters to create a modern assortment of interior. All products are designed in-house and produced with hand-picked manufacturers to create modern, qualitative designs. In our assortment of House Doctor interior you will find design for every room of the house, whether you are looking for furniture, textiles, lamps, rugs or decorative interior.

Here you can find the popular DIY-lamp with its decorative glass globes and the Block rug. Give your home a vitamin-boost with House Doctor!