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Iittala is one of Finland’s oldest glassworks and creates timeless, Scandinavian design that has enriched people’s everyday lives for generations.
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  • Lantern table lamp 25 cm
    white Now £125
    (Reg. £139)
  • Leimu table lamp 25 cm
    brown Now £391
    (Reg. £435)
  • Meno storage bag
    small Now £31
    (Reg. £35)
  • Vakka storage box small
    ash veneer Now £141
    (Reg. £156)
  • Vakka storage box large
    ash veneer Now £156
    (Reg. £174)
  • Kerros tray table
    ash veneer Now £188
    (Reg. £209)
  • Kastehelmi bowl
    clear £11
    In stock
  • Teema serving set mini
    white £23
    In stock
  • Lempi glass 4-pack
    4-pack £22
    In stock
  • Kastehelmi candleholder
    ultramarine (blue) Sale £9
    (Reg. £12)
    In stock
  • Teema plate 26 cm
    light blue Sale £15
    (Reg. £16)
    In stock
  • Scandia cutlery 24 pcs
    stainless steel £137
    In stock
  • Aalto vase clear
    95 mm £37
    In stock
  • Nappula candle holder dark blue
    small 107 mm Now £19
    (Reg. £26)
    In stock
  • Scandia salad set
    stainless steel Now £31
    (Reg. £35)
    In stock
  • Alvar Aalto vase dark grey
    120 mm Now £70
    (Reg. £78)
    In stock
  • Teema Tiimi rice bowl 30 cl
    white Now £12
    (Reg. £14)
    In stock
  • Alvar Aalto vase ultramarin (blue)
    160 mm Sale £102
    (Reg. £113)
    In stock
  • Teema mug 30 cl, 2-pack
    dark blue (melange) Sale £23
    (Reg. £26)
    In stock
Showing 1 - 21 of 460
Iittala’s design roots anchor deep into Finnish design heritage. Since its establishment in the Finnish town of Iittala in 1881, the brand has created timeless design that seamlessly merges aesthetics and functionality. In fact, Iittala was one of the first brands that tended to producing functional rather than solely decorative dinnerware, characterized by what was to become the typical Scandinavian design that we know today.

Some of Iittala’s most legendary designers include Alvar Aalto and Kaj Franck, two pioneers on the Scandinavian design spheres who contributed to Iittala’s big break-through in the 1930’s and 40’s. Both designers helped shape Iittala’s legacy; to give the people design that is both beautiful and functional.

It is evident that every single one of Iittala’s exquisite designs is well thought through, not only when it comes to the design, but for function and quality alike. The designs are made to be used, made to enrich.

This sustainable mindset has contributed to a broad assortment of products that not only includes contemporary designs, but also ranges that have been in production for over 80 years - a testament to the quality, timelessness and demand for Iittala’s products. Some of the most famous collections include Kartio, Essence and Kastehelmi. However, Iittala’s most iconic designs is unarguably the Aalto vase, designed by Alvar Aalto in 1936, which has become to be one of Finland’s most iconic design products of all time.