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Quintessential Finnish design by Marimekko. Iconic patterns, bold colors and unique shapes. Marimekko’s mission? To stand out.
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  • Buddy backpack
    brown Sale £86
    (Reg. £96)
    In stock
  • Oiva teapot
    white £50
    In stock
  • Siirtolapuutarha fabric
    blue-green £33
    In stock
  • Hetkiä fabric
    white-black Now £77
    (Reg. £85)
  • Cash & Carry shoulder bag
    charcoal £58
    In stock
  • Unikko fabric
    red-plum Now £33
    (Reg. £36)
    In stock
  • Räsymatto deep plate
    black white £19
    In stock
  • Ojakellukka cushion cover
    yellow-red-green Sale £23
    (Reg. £25)
    In stock
  • Basket cushion cover 50x50 cm
    black-white Sale £27
    (Reg. £29)
  • Siirtolapuutarha bowl 2.5 dl
    red-white £13
    In stock
  • Räsymatto teapot
    black-white £58
    In stock
  • Kaiku fabric
    blue Sale £70
    (Reg. £78)
  • Juhannustaika fabric
    yellow Now £33
    (Reg. £36)
  • Kuuskajaskari fabric
    grey-yellow-black £45
    In stock
  • Siirtolapuutarha platter
    Ø 32 cm £58
    In stock
Showing 1 - 21 of 347
Marimekko is one of Finland’s most iconic design brands of all time. Most known for their bold and colorful pattern designs, Marimekko fulfils their mission to a tee; to stand out.

Since day one, Marimekko has steadily established a collection of iconic bold patterns that are used to adorn various types of products. Marimekko was founded in 1951 by Armi Ratia, specializing solely on the production of qualitative hand-printed fabrics. In fact, until 1973 all of Marimekko’s fabrics were printed by hand. Marimekko still produces around one million meters of fabric per year, but has complemented the fabric collections with a great deal of stunning home interior.Today Marimekko produces fabrics, clothes and well as home interior.

Marimekko is unquestionably most known for their distinctive and bold patterns. The brand is world renowned for their designs and has collaborated with some of the biggest names in fabric designs, including Aino-Maija Metsola and Maija Louekari. Marimekko regularly successfully re-launches old pattern designs; a testament to the timelessness of their designs.

One of Marimekko’s most popular patterns is the classic Unikko pattern by Maija Isola. The large-scale floral pattern has become a signature pattern for Marimekko, but the road here wasn’t easy. The Unikko pattern was designed in 1964 in protest to Armi Ratia’s ban on floral patterns from Marimekko products. However, Maija Isola’s Unikko pattern managed to convince the founder to change her mind, and we’re lucky she did! Unikko is to this day one of Marimekko’s most iconic patterns.