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Menu stands for classic, functional Scandinavian design that makes the world a little better and a little simpler. Designs made to last and stand the test of time.
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  • POV candleholder wall
    black Sale £29
    (Reg. £35)
    In stock
  • Bottle grinder 2-pack
    blue (wooden lid) Sale £43
    (Reg. £52)
    In stock
  • JWDA table lamp
    concrete-brass Sale £125
    (Reg. £139)
    In stock
  • Gridy Fungi shelf oak
    small Sale £35
    (Reg. £39)
    In stock
  • Menu shoe horn
    stainless steel Sale £55
    (Reg. £61)
    In stock
  • Pov wall candle 3-pack
    black Now £78
    (Reg. £104)
    In stock
  • Socket table lamp
    brushed brass Sale £141
    (Reg. £156)
    In stock
  • Jewelry tree
    aluminium Sale £46
    (Reg. £51)
    In stock
  • Franklin chandelier
    brass Sale £360
    (Reg. £400)
  • GM 30 ceiling lamp
    copper Sale £313
    (Reg. £348)
  • Globe light bulb LED
    opal glass Sale £21
    (Reg. £23)
    In stock
  • Ava coat-hanger
    black-brass Sale £14
    (Reg. £17)
    In stock
  • Cast ceiling lamp
    Form 1 Sale £70
    (Reg. £78)
  • JWDA ceiling lamp
    brushed steel Sale £215
    (Reg. £239)
    In stock
  • Tied ceiling lamp
    ash Sale £47
    (Reg. £52)
    In stock
  • Darkly mirror
    brushed aluminium Sale £289
    (Reg. £322)
  • Norm pedal bin
    black Sale £109
    (Reg. £122)
    In stock
  • Wave trivet
    black Sale £29
    (Reg. £32)
    In stock
  • Norm beer foamer
    height 17.5 cm Sale £3
    (Reg. £30)
    In stock
  • On The Edge lamp
    light grey Sale £188
    (Reg. £209)
  • Cage table
    black Sale £125
    (Reg. £139)
Showing 1 - 21 of 205
The Danish brand Menu works towards making the world a little bit less complicated. With the design of classic minimalistic Scandinavian design, Menu creates products to ease everyday tasks and to make the world a little bit nicer. Menu works with some of the biggest names in Scandinavian design, including Norm Architects, Note Design Studio and Afteroom.

Complementing the Scandinavian design, the product’s functions are always extremely well thought-through and adapted to create solutions for modern lifestyle problems. A practical magnetic shoe horn, a pedal bin or an unexpected candleholder design are just a few examples.

Menu’s products are manufactured using sustainable materials and where possible, produced locally, utilizing and preserving local craftsmanship around the world. This is Menu’s way of making the world a little better and a little nicer to wake up in.