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Normann Copenhagen

With a vision to push boundaries and Scandinavian design rules, Normann Copenhagen creates unique and contemporary products that are unlike any classic home interior.
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  • Block table
    black Now £159
    (Reg. £185)
    In stock
  • Norm 69 lamp
    small Sale £63
    (Reg. £69)
    In stock
  • Flip mirror
    light blue Sale £68
    (Reg. £76)
    In stock
  • Mormor plate
    Ø 19 cm Sale £15
    (Reg. £16)
    In stock
  • Sko shoe shelf
    white £130
    In stock
  • Norm 03
    large Sale £93
    (Reg. £103)
    In stock
  • Circus pouf
    light blue Sale £333
    (Reg. £369)
  • Bliss cup 25 cl
    white Sale £9
    (Reg. £10)
  • Little Bird colour
    rose, 3 cm Sale £5
    (Reg. £6)
  • Ace Lounge chair fabric
    beige Sale £391
    (Reg. £435)
  • Pocket organizer grey
    nr 1 Sale £9
    (Reg. £10)
    In stock
  • Mormor buttering board
    small Sale £15
    (Reg. £16)
    In stock
  • Tablo table square black
    small Sale £130
    (Reg. £174)
    In stock
  • Normann Sticks hanger
    natural 2-pack Sale £15
    (Reg. £16)
    In stock
  • Analog newspaper stand
    white Sale £78
    (Reg. £87)
  • Craft salt- and pepper shaker
    salt shaker, white Sale £29
    (Reg. £32)
    In stock
  • Bliss mug 30 cl
    grey Sale £9
    (Reg. £10)
    In stock
  • Flow table lamp
    dark green Sale £244
    (Reg. £271)
    In stock
  • Mormor decanter
    1.2 l Sale £27
    (Reg. £29)
    In stock
  • Amp chandelier
    grey-black Sale £587
    (Reg. £652)
Showing 1 - 21 of 363
Normann Copenhagen
The Danish brand Normann Copenhagen is known to push and challenge conventional boundaries in Scandinavian design, and chances that you have seen products like these elsewhere are slim.

Founded in 1999 by Jan Andersen & Poul Madsen, the design-duo started out with a small interior shop in Copenhagen. However, they quickly decided that they wanted to create their own products and become design producers. Their breakthrough came with the design of the Norm 69 lamp by Simon Kakov. The Norm 69 was originally designed in 1969, but Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen fell in love with the lamp and decided to take it into production in 2002. The lamp is still one of their best-sellers today and holds a special place in Normann Copenhagen’s product assortment.

Besides Simon Kakov, Normann Copenhagen has worked with a number of other designers, including Simon Legald, Nicholai Wiig Hansen and Jonas Wagell. Normann Copenhagen even has their own design studio with creative designers working towards creating tomorrow’s design classics.