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Northern Lighting

Inspired by the Nordic culture, nature and the famous Scandinavian light, Northern Lighting creates lighting for every mood and room of the house.
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  • Acorn pendant lamp
    white Now £289
    (Reg. £321)
    In stock
  • Birdy wall lamp
    black-brass Sale £164
    (Reg. £183)
    In stock
  • Unika pendant
    small Now £163
    (Reg. £182)
    In stock
  • Moo wall lamp
    white Now £931
    (Reg. £1,035)
    In stock
  • Seed lamp arm
    lamp arm Sale £160
    (Reg. £200)
    In stock
  • Butterfly wall light
    white Now £147
    (Reg. £164)
    In stock
  • Birdy wall lamp short
    white-metallic Sale £149
    (Reg. £165)
    In stock
  • Poppy oil lamp for table
    round green Sale £109
    (Reg. £121)
  • Unika pendant grey
    small Now £145
    (Reg. £182)
    In stock
  • Buddy table lamp
    dark grey Sale £156
    (Reg. £173)
    In stock
  • Bell lamp
    pink Now £167
    (Reg. £186)
    In stock
  • Fabric to Seed lamp
    black Now £45
    (Reg. £49)
    In stock
  • Birdy table lamp
    marsala-brass Now £170
    (Reg. £213)
    In stock
  • Dokka pendant
    aqua green Sale £156
    (Reg. £173)
    In stock
  • Say my name pendant
    faded purple Sale £625
    (Reg. £695)
  • Poppy oil lamp for floor
    round dark grey Sale £140
    (Reg. £156)
  • Granny candleholder high
    black Sale £21
    (Reg. £26)
    In stock
  • Granny candleholder low
    black Sale £19
    (Reg. £23)
    In stock
  • Bake me a cake table lamp
    30 cm Sale £303
    (Reg. £336)
  • Evergreen lamp small
    brass Sale £293
    (Reg. £326)
  • Say my name table lamp
    faded purple Sale £347
    (Reg. £695)
    In stock
Showing 1 - 21 of 74
Northern Lighting
With the motto “mood makers”, the Norwegian brand Northern Lighting has made it its mission to create unique lamps, inspired by the Nordic lifestyle and nature, for every type of atmosphere and mood.

The Oslo-based brand was founded in 2005 and has since then created exclusive lighting with the aim to create atmosphere. In Northern Lighting’s assortment you will find all types of lamps ranging from soft lighting to create soothing and calming environments, to strong statement lamps that inject life and energy into the room.

In collaboration with architects and designers, Northern Lighting creates lamps that test and push boundaries, exploring new materials, shapes and colours. All lamps are characterized by their quality and state-of-the-art craftsmanship and each and every single lamp is put together by hand. The designs are inspired by Scandinavian simplicity but are contemporary in their unique details, humoristic expression and choice in colours. Explore our assortment of Northern Lighting lamps and discover designs unlike anything you’ve seen before.