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Zero Interiör

Zero Interiör creates exclusive lighting in collaboration with some of Scandinavia’s biggest designers. All lamps are made in Sweden.
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  • Droppen outdoor lamp
    matt opal Sale £153
    (Reg. £169)
    In stock
  • Bloom pendant
    red Sale £562
    (Reg. £624)
  • PXL pendant
    multicolored Sale £649
    (Reg. £721)
    In stock
  • Lens pendant large
    white Sale £430
    (Reg. £478)
  • Three lamp
    black Sale £257
    (Reg. £286)
  • Lens pendant small
    white Sale £128
    (Reg. £256)
    In stock
  • Camouflage pendant
    large Sale £1,838
    (Reg. £2,043)
  • PXL table
    multicolored Sale £775
    (Reg. £861)
  • Elements pendant lamp
    white Sale £282
    (Reg. £313)
  • Fisherman lamp
    white Ø 40 cm Sale £430
    (Reg. £477)
  • Bottle lamp
    pendant yellow Sale £202
    (Reg. £404)
    In stock
  • Fog pendant copper
    Ø 35 cm Sale £329
    (Reg. £365)
  • Foto floor lamp
    black Sale £313
    (Reg. £348)
  • Can lamp
    pendant white Sale £301
    (Reg. £335)
  • RGB pendant
    black Sale £386
    (Reg. £429)
  • Fog pendant white
    Ø 35 cm Sale £313
    (Reg. £348)
    In stock
  • Fog pendant black
    Ø 40 cm Sale £344
    (Reg. £383)
    In stock
  • Top pendant
    white Sale £747
    (Reg. £830)
  • Last pendant
    white Sale £426
    (Reg. £474)
  • Poker
    white Sale £372
    (Reg. £413)
  • RGB table lamp
    black-gold-petrol Sale £733
    (Reg. £815)
Showing 1 - 21 of 68
Zero Interiör
Together with the latest technologies and some of Scandinavia's leading designers, Zero Interior develop exclusive lamps for every room.

The family company, Zero Interior was established in 1978 in a garage in Pukeberg, Sweden. Although the founders had experience in glass art, (Pukeberg is located in the so-called ‘Kingdom of Crystal’) Zero Interior initially only made light fittings in sheet metal. It wasn’t until several years later that Zero Interior began to engage with other materials, including glass to create lamps. Today, Zero Interior lighting is a well-established company with customers and clients all over the world.

Zero Interior still have their base in Pukeberg and 80% of the lamps are manufactured within a 150 km radius. The remaining lamps are still manufactured in Sweden in order to ensure top quality, good working conditions and to protect the environment. The designs are developed together with respected designers such as Mattias Ståhlbom, Börje Lindau and design studio Note. Inspiration often comes from the Scandinavian landscape with the dark winters and bright summers - something that creates an exciting interplay of light and shadow, darkness and shape.