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Welcome to Scandinavian Design Center! When the company was first established back in 2002 it was with a firm goal of creating an e-commerce platform where everyone can access and buy Scandinavian design interior home decor irrespectively where they live. Today, we serve customers in more than 70 countries. It only takes around 4-6 days for a package from Sweden to reach its destination.

Why is it a good idea to buy from us? First of all we would like to mention our selection of products. We put a lot of work into finding the most representative design products for your home and office. We visit numerous fairs and exhibitions every year. We meet regularly with designers and small producers just to find “the rising star” of tomorrow. Because of that we are able to offer you our unique broad assortment of wonderful home décor and interior products that are hard to find in other stores on the Internet or in a brick and mortar store.

Secondly, quality by all means, is a major focus area for us. You can expect a professional customer service from our skilled and dedicated staff. They always do their utmost to assist you. When you visit our websites you can also rely on the inventory information and expected delivery times you will find which is not always the case in other e-commerce stores.

The Company was founded 2002 by the Entrepreneur Mr Jörgen Bödmar. His background is in the Airline Business where he worked for Scandinavian Airlines for many years. He also owned and worked in an Executive Search company in Sweden.

2002 he started this company that today has around thirty employees. The future looks bright for e-commerce with an expected continuous growth for many years to come.

In order to meet our quality standards we cooperate together with specialists from many countries to sharpen our working processes and improve over time. No detail is too small not to be considered. Our websites are being built with top modern technology. We use secure payment standards, the PCI DSS protocol. Rest assured that your personal information as well as your payment information is being safely handled. I addition to that we scan our websites daily with Symantec/VeriSign technology in order to protect your information.

Today you will find our customers all over the globe. From Auckland, New Zealand to Kyoto in Japan and Paris, France. They all love to shop around among more than 200 trademarks and brands and thousands of products that represent true Scandinavian Design.

We wish you very welcome to shop safe and with confidence in Scandinavian design Center.


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Jörgen Bödmar Jörgen Bödmar


Robin Ålander Robin Ålander

Marketing Manager

Thomas Steinschaden-Brinell Thomas Steinschaden-Brinell

Head of Sales

Anna Magnusson Anna Magnusson

Design & Communication

Matilda Kvarmo Matilda Kvarmo

Design & Communication

Ellinor Johansson Ellinor Johansson

Design & Communication

Anders Brixin Anders Brixin

Financial Department

Caroline Renström Caroline Renström

Financial Department

Annica Eden Annica Eden

Financial Department

Per Wilmert Per Wilmert

Financial Department

Renata Mikuciauskaite Renata Mikuciauskaite

Assortment & Purchase

Jonas Karlsson Jonas Karlsson

Assortment & Purchase

Maria Strand Maria Strand

Assortment Manager

Emilia Thor Emilia Thor


Josefin Beijer Josefin Beijer


Yasha Åkesson Yasha Åkesson


Henrik Svensson Henrik Svensson


Erik Larsson Erik Larsson


Marie Bäckwall Marie Bäckwall

Customer Service Manager

Pia Hedbom Pia Hedbom

Customer Service

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Customer Service

Charlotte Eriksson Charlotte Eriksson

Customer Service

Jenny Bebber Jenny Bebber

Customer Service Germany

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Danish Web Editor

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Web Editor Team Leader

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French Web Editor

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Spanish Web Editor

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Finnish Web Editor

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Polish Web Editor

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Dutch Web Editor

Kyungsun John Auh Kyungsun John Auh

Marketing Korea

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Warehouse & Logistics

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Warehouse & Logistics

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Warehouse & Logistics

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