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Örsjö Belysning

Commitment, quality and identity. With a pocket full of tradition, craftsmanship and passion, the Sweden based brand Örsjö Belysning produces qualitative design lighting.
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  • Kvist lamp small
    white $1,281
    In stock
  • Lean floor lamp
    black Sale $625
    (Reg. $663)
    In stock
  • Lean wall lamp
    white Now $345
    (Reg. $370)
    In stock
  • Disc plafond
    white $256
    In stock
  • Lean pendant
    black Now $705
    (Reg. $871)
    In stock
  • Kvist lamp large
    rough copper $1,874
    In stock
  • Skyline wall lamp
    rough brass $747
  • Hobo pendant lamp
    raw brass-opal glass $1,149
  • Puck reading lamp
    white $250
    In stock
  • Minipoint floor lamp GX224
    white and chrome $422
  • Star 1 ceiling lamp
    nickel-plated brass $447
  • Ginko pendant
    muted blue $697
  • PJ70 lamp white
    white $531
    In stock
  • Puck wall lamp
    matte brass $480
    In stock
  • Pin wall lamp
    white $320
    In stock
  • Pebble pendant plump
    oxide red-metal $562
    In stock
  • Puck table lamp
    black $314
    In stock
Showing 1 - 21 of 126
Örsjö Belysning
With over 65 years of experience in the manufacturing of lamps, Örsjö Belysning knows what it takes to create a lamp that is a piece of art and reflection of true craftsmanship.

Örsjö Belysning was founded in 1948 in the region of Småland, in the south of Sweden, originally by the name of only Örsjö. For many years the brand was a successful, yet relatively unknown, producer of qualitative metal details for different types of lamps. The big breakthrough came in 1997 when the brand was renamed Örsjö Belysning and started collaborating with some of the biggest Scandinavian designers of today, including Jonas Bohlin, Matti Klenell and Claesson Koivisto Rune.

Today Örsjö Belysning is one of Sweden’s leading producers of premium lighting. Together with some of Scandinavia’s best designers of contemporary time, the brand produces exclusive lamps with focus on function, innovation and personality. The brand is to this day still based in the small town of Örsjö in the south of Sweden; a region known for qualitative craftsmanship. All lamps are produced by hand, each piece a piece of art, history and classic Scandinavian design.